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Design, Manufacturing, Distribution and Direct Sales - MooreMuscle simply does supplements diferently.

MooreMuscle started as a Fitness Training company in 1999 with Adam Moore leading a small group of Personal Trainers in a commercial gym.  From there, was created and sold 3rd party nutritional supplements through an outside distributor.  A short time later, Adam began designing his own line of supplements, all of which using the Moore name.  His vision of the company was to design and manufacture supplements without profit margin being the first thing in mind.  His idea was if the products backed up their claims then the profits would come.  Nearly 18 years later, MooreMuscle is more than he ever dreamed it could become.

MooreMuscle is filled with family.  The amazing people that have joined the team through the years are as a part of MooreMuscle as Adam is himself.  Each and every team member provides a critical service in making MooreMuscle what it is.  After stages of evolving, MooreMuscle will from now on remain a small, customer oriented company.

Adam Moore still designs each and every supplement MooreMuscle sells and the small lab at MooreMuscle makes every bottle and tub sold.  The company has also recently reorganized and began shipping through its own shipping department.  This should cut down shipping times and keep the care of the packaging more personal.

The MooreMuscle family includes some incredible people and athletes.  There is no closer knit company than MooreMuscle.  There is no question that the success of the company lies in its family.

The MooreMuscle Corporation

Still ... "Changing Bodies and Changing Lives".

“There is nothing quite as satisfying as helping someone change their life.”
-Adam J. Moore