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Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Stores - MooreMuscle reigns supreme in the supplement world.

MooreMuscle stands as one of the largest nutritional supplement manufacturers in the world today.  Capsules, tablets, powders, sample packs and now even liquids, MooreMuscle can quite literally do it all. There is no other supplement company in the world that is a one-stop-shop like MooreMuscle.  Products are designed in house, manufactured in house, distributed in house and sold in MooreMuscle retail stores or on  From the floors of the manufacturing facilities to the shelves of the stores, Moore's got you covered.

The monster that is now MooreMuscle is still solely owned by supplement designer and bodybuilding coach, Adam J Moore.  While a gifted supplement designer, Adam's true gift lies in his ability to inspire and "get inside" someones head to help them focus on the goals in front of them.  Adam attributes MooreMuscle's massive growth over the years to his ability to have unwavering focus on a goal or project. 

MooreMuscle operations are now conducted by Vice President and National Level Bodybuilder Melvin Alston.  Melvin spends day in and day out and countless hours pushing Adam Moore's original goal of "changing bodies and changing lives".  Melvin started competing as bodybuilder at the age of 17 and has not stopped since.  He has won numerous bodybuilding shows and is currently fighting for his IFBB Professional Card.  Melvin is a talented business man and an even better leader.  Every employee of MooreMuscle feels as if they are part of a family and that credit goes to Melvin.

MooreMuscle manufactures supplements for hundreds of supplement companies around the world but the actual MooreMuscle supplement line is where the heart of the company truly lies.  There are no products in the industry which are more researched and more pure in ingredient.  MooreMuscle does not base its reputation on the products it makes for other companies but the actual MooreMuscle line and those products are simply incredible. 

The MooreMuscle Corporation

Still ... "Changing Bodies and Changing Lives".

“There is nothing quite as satisfying as helping someone change their life.”
-Adam J. Moore