My name is Adam J Moore and I would like to personally welcome you
to your new life.

Nicknamed the Mastermind, Adam J Moore is recognized throughout the world as one of the top nutritional experts in the arena of health and wellness. His entire life has been dedicated to the improvement of health in the everyday person. Adam is quoted by saying "there is nothing quite as satisfying as helping someone change their life".

Adam started as a fitness and nutritional coach for bodybuilding and fitness competitors and continued in the field of health and fitness gearing his education towards Sports Nutrition. Though he doesn't coach or train competitors any longer, Adam is still considered today to be one of the most sought after coaches in the fitness industry.

Adam decided to turn his attention towards an audience where his nutritional expertise could be utilized to help people in their daily lives. Let's face it, in the end most people don't enjoy spending their life at the gym but that doesn't mean those people cannot be healthy! The United States is infamous for its obesity problem and overall poor health. So what better way to make a difference than to attack those problems directly?

After years of designing and formulating, MooreMuscle is now one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional supplements in the world. The MooreMuscle supplement line can be found in countless stores throughout the United States and the MooreMuscle loyal grow by the hundreds each day. The MooreMuscle Corporation has further expanded its presence by opening the MooreNutrition line of nutrition stores. From the machines of the manufacturing facility to the shelves of the stores, Moore's got you covered.

MooreSkinny, MooreHealth, MooreSleep, MooreStrength, MoorePump, MooreRecovery and MooreSex are world changing formulas that will take your life by storm and change you forever. Taking one to combat a specific problem is good but taking all of them to help improve your life as a whole is great. Start your day with MooreSkinny and MooreHealth, maximize your workout with MoorePump, MooreRecovery and MooreStrength, enjoy your evening with MooreSex, and sleep like a baby with MooreSleep. Welcome to your new world.  
“There is nothing quite as satisfying as helping someone change their life.”
-Adam J. Moore